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FnCharts Professional: Real-Time Stock Charts for your website

Are you looking for live interactive stock charts for your website?
Now you can add interactive Real-Time charts to your site and give your visitors easy access to automatically updated financial charts with advanced technical analysis. With FnCharts PRO you can build active user communities around your site or services and create feature-rich discussion forums where investors can publish and discuss their technical analysis.
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Here you will find the most advanced interactive charting solution available for the web. Our on-line charts have been designed and optimized specifically for use on professional financial websites. Our latest FnCharts Professional 9 edition has been digitally signed to provide users with the best experience and a high level of security.

FnCharts Professional is an interactive applet that has many advantages over image-based financial charts:
Important features FnCharts-based solution Static images (GIF,PNG,JPEG)
Interactivity level High Low
Real-Time data support Easy, automatic updates Difficult
(high bandwidth use)
Use of server's processing power Very low High
(image processing)
On-the-fly modification by users Yes No (reloads needed)
Bandwidth use Low High
Interactive technical analysis Yes No
Extensive customization Very easy Difficult
Interactive information display Yes No
Printing support Yes Limited
Extendable features (using JavaScript) Yes No
Interactive drawing of trends, formations, etc. Yes No
Easy saving of analysis and studies Yes No
Scalability High, easy Low to medium

There are many types of financial websites and many different users with various levels of experience. That's why you can customize and configure FnCharts Professional to meet your specific requirements.

  • FnCharts Professional 9.0 - our interactive software enables you to display Real-Time intraday charts and end-of-day charts with advanced technical analysis tools, including more than 50 built-in technical indicators based on your own data. The charts can be easily customized to be most valuable to your users and can also be extended using JavaScript. You can design your own toolbars, choose which features will be available and even enable users to define new indicators and Buy/Sell signals.

FnCharts Professional 9.0 can be easily integrated with your existing website or serve as a central component for building new profitable websites. FnCharts can use data stored in text files, any SQL database, or data generated automatically by server-side scripts. You can even use on-the-fly GZIP compression with our software for maximum speed and low bandwidth use.

DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL to see how you can greatly improve your website and provide your users with excellent browsing experience and access to advanced charts with interactive technical analysis. No registration or payment required.

If you need more information, please visit FnCharts Professional 9 page. You are also welcome to take a look at sample screenshots and witness the beauty and versatility of our charts. Don't forget to try our interactive demos to see the software in action.

Powerful charting solution for your website:
FnCharts Professional 9

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To help you quickly evaluate our charting component, we prepared this detailed feature list.

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